Franklin on The Spirit of Business Podcast with Kc Rossi

I recently had the pleasure and honor of being interviewed by coach Kc Rossi, someone I admire and am glad to call my friend. She is the host of Women Developing Brilliance - The Spirit of Business Podcast. I was doubly thrilled to be celebrating her 200th podcast episode, no small feat that is the combination of several years of commitment and work.

Thanks, Kc, for the opportunity and for all the goodness you bring into the world!

Here's what Kc said about this episode in her intro:

Join me in celebrating the 200th episode of the Women Developing Brilliance® — The Spirit of Business podcast! 

I’ve had incredible guests on the show from all over the world sharing their wisdom and today is no different. Franklin Taggart provides deep insights from an introvert’s personal journey. 

In this Women Developing Brilliance® — The Spirit of Business episode, you will learn:

🎵 A secret perspective that can help make you an uncommon coach

🎵 Why you sit on your gold and what to do about it

🎵 How to turn realizations into your superpowers

🎵 Ways to move the needle for creative entrepreneurs specifically

🎵 How to fearlessly face your fears