Coming Up June 13-17 - The 2022 Boost Your Business Bundle!

I'm excited to be a contributor to the Boost Your Business Bundle this year! 

The driving force behind this amazing collection of tools is Lynn Neville, a content and marketing strategist who helps coaches and mentors increase their online visibility and engagement with eye-catching and compelling media content.

The Bundle this year comes in a couple of sizes. The Standard Bundle includes over 100 tools and offers, and get this, it's free! But in addition to the free standard bundle, there is an additional Premium Bundle with over $20,000 worth of offers for the low price of $47 if you upgrade when you register for the Standard Bundle, $75 if you upgrade before the release on June 13, and $100 if you upgrade between June 13-17. The only catch? And make sure to download the offers you want between June 13 and 24.

Some of my favorite people are contributing offers to this event. Andrea Hubbert is an exceptional content creator who will be offering a storytelling course. Jess Kotzer from Self Pub Hub will be offering some amazing collaboration tools and membership in her brand new Collab Buddy School. She's brilliant and is the one I thank for referring me to the Bundle. Finally, my friend Alison Proffit will be showing up with a special gift to be announced at the launch. These are less than one percent of what will be available. Crazy value!

My Contributions?

I've got a brand new course in the Standard Bundle called Elevator Pitches That Don't Suck. If you wonder why you leave the networking meeting without any leads, this course will help you say the right thing to the right people at the right time so that they won't let you leave the meeting without having a conversation with you.

For the Premium Bundle, I've put together another brand new offer, a workshop for people who struggle to identify their ideal clients and customers called Clients Everywhere! This is especially for people who are only just starting in business and they don't have a clear idea of who their business is for. You've got great product and service ideas, but you draw a complete blank when you start to think about where to find your clients. This workshop will help you recognize clients everywhere you turn. Workshop dates will be announced to Bundle Participants first, so go ahead and register for the Bundle now!

Boost Your Business Bundle 2022

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