The Feeling of Finishing

That's not the kind of finishing I'm talking about, Smutty.

I enjoy seeing one of my most recent large projects completed. That feeling is valuable, even if I never sell one copy. I felt the same way when my first and only CD was finished. Two years after starting, there was an item in my hands with my name on the cover. That's the feeling I'm talking about.

There's a sadness I feel when people have been given ideas and inspiration, but they put them aside. There are many reasons: don't have time, too much responsibility, mine won't be good enough, I'll never make any money at it - can you imagine the creative energy it takes to spin and maintain all those plates in our minds?

I want everyone to experience the feeling of having an idea, committing to it, and making it into a thing. And then I want them to make a habit of it. This IS the spice of life!

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