Digging Out

After one whirlwind week followed by a four-day Summer cold, I have a whole bunch of stuff to do. At this point, I don't have the energy or time to be too precious about organizing and identifying priorities. It all matters, and It's all overdue.

The method called for right now is to make a list and do the first thing, then another, then another. So that's what I'm doing. It's a blunt-force strategy driven by sheer willpower and a desire for everything to be done quickly.

A 97-degree welcome to my world for all the folks who found me through the Boost Your Business Bundle. Wow, what a ride that has been. It's been the single most successful lead generation activity I've ever participated in. Big thanks to Jess Kotzer for the referral and Lynn Neville for the great event! Check out what Jess is doing at https://www.selfpubhub.org/ and stay tuned for an announcement about a new collaboration project she's getting ready to launch!

Don't pay any attention to my spiel about the Clients Everywhere Workshop. It's July 11th, but you will want to wait until the very last minute to enroll so that I won't have made enough refreshments to go around. I'm not even going to give a call to action until a couple of days before, so forget I said anything.

Have a righteous Saturday, and I'll be back with my Father's Day Coffee Break tomorrow...

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