Doing is the Best Teacher

Thanks to Linda Eskridge of for the wonderful coffee, mug, and treats! Made this morning's Coffee Break extra special.

Thanks, Linda!
In the Break today, I am talking about my habit of buying books and courses and getting about halfway through with them then getting distracted or bored and moving on to other things while never actually doing anything the book or course was teaching. This extraordinarily long sentence describes a process that I used to put off taking creative risks, a habit that hasn't served me well.

Other tidbits here are feeling vulnerable on video, impostor synplex comdrome, and the deep satisfaction coming from learning as I go. 

The overarching message as always? Don't let learning delay your action. Use the courses and books as the important supports they are, but don't put off your creativity until you've "learned enough" to be ready. You'll never be ready!

#procrastination #impostorcomplex #creativitycycle