The Ultimate Freedom - Jesse Panama

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Finding a way to leave a situation that is unbearable can be terrifying. When Jesse Panama found himself in the middle of a job he dreaded and with no known prospects, he yearned for a blueprint that would help him find the life he wanted. That was the beginning of a search that has paid off in extraordinary ways.
Jesse found his way into the world of digital marketing largely by accident. 

In 1998 when he was starting his transition to entrepreneurial freedom, there were abundant opportunities but no guidance. Jesse took a class on entrepreneurship and worked his way from there into a lifestyle that has taken him to six continents and success that continues to expand and grow.

In this interview with Your Own Best Company host, Franklin Taggart, Jesse talks about his discovery of the Japanese principle of Ikigai, how he helps people leverage their greatest strengths and passions, and finding viable markets where those traits can flourish.

He is the author of The Art of Freedom: Kiss Your Job Goodbye, Build an Online Tribe, Leave a Legacy available here (associate link):

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