Devices and Defenses

We've been having a lot of conversations in our house about how devices like smartphones and computers promise connection, but actually deliver isolation. Isn't that the case with anything we can become addicted to? 

And then there are times when we place devices between ourselves and others in what seems to be a positive light, like as a way to take notes or to feel more engaged in a conversation, not realizing that all of our attention is on the screen in front of us instead of the person. No real connection is made and the good things we need to find in our relationships elude us.

I get that for some of us, being fully present with another person doesn't feel completely safe. We do feel a need to set a boundary. In this Coffee Break, I ask us all (including myself) to consider that one of the contributing factors to our loneliness and isolation is that the boundaries never come down.

I'd also like to propose that we start asking each other for device-free time. Close the laptop and be here for the conversation. Put the phone on airplane mode and let's really enjoy the show we're watching.  And if we find ourselves resistant to the idea, let's start asking ourselves why. Why are we afraid to really be together?

#phoneaddiction #presence #isolation