Reflections on Fathers Day about being a dad and having a dad and the strange mix of what that all means.

Remembering Papa Dave today. He's been gone a few years, and I still see things I wish I could tell him. I see pictures on his hometown's Facebook page where I'm certain he would know the people and places, and I find other things I know he'd never seen but would have loved to. We had our pains, but I am lucky to have positive memories.

On being a dad, I can only say that it is an experience that teaches me my limitations better than any other, and it also encourages me to try harder because that kid is worth it. I never knew what it was to be stretched and expanded the way that parenthood has been.

And I see my friends' stories of dads who weren't there or whose dads left scars and grief in their wake. I'm sad that's the only reference they will have for that relationship.

May all dads who see this rise to the challenge and give their kids the best they've got. Happy Fathers Day.

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