Asking for Better Help

I haven't always been good at asking for help, and it's still often the last resort because I like the feeling that goes with figuring things out for myself.  That all started to change back when I was going through the illness that sidelined my music career and opened my eyes to possibilities I otherwise wouldn't consider. Asking for help became more of a necessity during those years than a perceived luxury.

You may have heard an adage in self-help and entrepreneurial circles that you are only as good as the five people you spend the most time with. I'm lucky that I live with two exceptional people and an extraordinarily talented dog, but just as lucky to have met a whole bunch of people in the past few years who are playing a higher-level game than I ever imagined I would play.

What I've noticed is that the help I receive from these people gets the job done more effectively and quickly than the help I've received from peers in previous incarnations of my career. Surrounding myself with exceptional people has meant that the help available to me is equally impressive. It's caused my expectations of what I deliver to go up, too.

I'm still inclined to try to figure things out for myself first. That's served me well and has given me a unique and wide-ranging skill set to draw from in offering help to others. But I'm not as hesitant to ask for help when I get lost in the woods, knowing that the help I'll get will be reliable and will get the job done.

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