How Many Yeses Is Too Many?

I did it again. I optimistically said yes to too many things, and now I've got a calendar full of responsibilities and three deadlines among them. In this Coffee Break, I reveal my age-old habit of only looking at the day and time that's being requested without looking at the adjoining days and times. 

They're all good things, and I'll make it through, but I may need to take some time off after next week. 

Some things I'm excited about... The Boost Your Business Bundle registration has opened, and my two contributions are nearing completion.  Elevator Pitches That Don't Suck is my long-awaited course that will help you craft memorable and compelling, offer-laden elevator pitches that will start to open doors for you immediately. That course is available as a part of the FREE Standard Bundle.

The Premium Bundle, which you can still get for only $47, will include an updated version of one of my favorite workshops, Clients Everywhere! The last time I offered this workshop was in 2017, and I'm planning on scheduling three of them in the coming year. Join the Premium Bundle, and you'll attend at a horribly small fraction of the price.

Register here!

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