What's Your Soul Language? - Jennifer Urezzio

Jennifer Urezzio knew she had some out-of-the-ordinary abilities when she was young, and she realized early that other people wondered how she "did that." As an employee at a high-level PR firm, she used her gifts while keeping them under the radar of her coworkers.

In giving a talk at a conference about purpose, she began to explore the existence of different soul languages after a large number of people lined up to speak with her when she had finished. Over the next several years, she observed and learned, ultimately discovering over a hundred different soul languages that are bestowed in combinations of three to every human being.

Let Jennifer tell you about her experience and discovery, and then take in some of the content she's created that gives more detail. When you're ready for a more personal understanding, start with a discovery call in which you'll learn the first of your three soul languages.

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