A Habit is a System

As we do routine tasks repeatedly, habits are formed, and the primary reason this happens is to give us the ability to accomplish routine tasks with minimal expenditure of energy. 

We haven't had to think about how we get dressed since we were small, and thankfully, we don't have to relearn those things every day. The same can be said for our routines in creating and delivering our work. Can you imagine if you had to relearn the rudiments of your craft every time you started?

In this Coffee Break, I have some thoughts from my own lessons about habits. Even some of the unhealthy habits I've had over the years had some kind of benefit to them. And the habits I'm forming now are becoming new systems that help me get things done more efficiently without getting burned out.

I also realized that in the desire to form a new habit, the level of intention and commitment I need are significantly higher in the first weeks of adopting new action patterns than they are a few months in. Developing these habits does make the process get easier over time.

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