Launchpad Anxiety

For some of us, there's a period of time as we near the completion and launch of something we've made when we become hyper-sensitive to how people react and respond. We all want to be liked and accepted. It's burned into our DNA to care on some level what other people think of us, even though some of us suggest we're not bothered.

In this Coffee Break, Franklin Taggart shares some memories of times when he'd hoped for a different response than he got, and how he's come to view those circumstances as he's gotten more accustomed to these kinds of risks.

In short, the people who love what you do are your people and they're the ones who deserve your attention. Want to find your niche? Make something and put it out into the world and see who responds. There's your avatar. 

In entrepreneurship, it's common to start a business based on solving a problem. I art, it's a different ballgame. The problems artists solve are their own. Their process is one of self-exploration and revelation. The best an artist can hope to find are people who resonate with the work and the experience. Belonging is at the root of the artist's business. That's a different kind of business model altogether.

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