Your Last Thread of Resistance

A strange coincidence makes me wonder if I'm seeing a behavior pattern emerge. Seems like I'm seeing more than a few people reaching the end of a creative project but there's one last step that needs to be taken before they launch and that step is taking weeks and sometimes months to complete.

Another strange coincidence is that these last steps often take only a few minutes to complete without difficulty. But we can convince ourselves of the impossibility of a task before we ever investigate what we need to do.

My taxes are going to take weeks to figure out (real-time: around 45 minutes)

It's going to take a couple of hours and a phone call to tech support to transfer that domain name (real-time: less than five minutes with no phone call)

My book definitely needs to be proofread one last time before I can send it to be published (real story: it's already been proofread three times, the last two with no corrections)

Our minds can create obstacles that aren't there when we aren't emotionally ready to release something. But it's time now. Let it go. Let this thing you've created have the life it's meant to have. You have other things to do now.

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