Reaching a Chapter's End

With the full week that I just had, I ended up with a Summer cold that came on yesterday with a mission to get me to slow down. I did get all the things done that I needed, along with playing two gigs in 100-degree heat. Today I've been a slow mover, and I sound like the definition of congestion.

Reflections today are taking me to see the end of my professional music trail. I'm getting close to making my retirement official and complete after gradually becoming less active for the past few years. My body knows when to say when and it's when.

I still have music to write and record, but the cycle of booking, promoting, loading, driving, unloading, performing, loading, driving, unloading, and a four-day recovery is ending. I'm grateful to have had the opportunities that have come my way.

Now on to other ways of creating. Thank the heavens creativity is infinite! I'm excited to have finished two of the three courses I've been working on. They're available for free this week in the Boost Your Business Bundle that you can access here: 

yes, this is an affiliate link! After the 17th these courses will be available for their full price unless I decide to offer some specials.

I'm going to spend some time with the family now. Thanks for being here!

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