Clearing Creative Blocks with Mundane Tasks

I've been making a 2-page form this morning that has over 700 form fields, mostly checkboxes that have to be aligned and distributed evenly on the pages. It's work that requires attention to detail, but overall it's not something that requires my imagination. The good news for my imagination is that building the form gives it a chance to roam where it wants to (sorry, just watched a B-52s video).

It occurred to me as I was working that the rare times when I have creative blocks, they're pretty easy to get through because I've learned the value of mundane tasks. Washing dishes, shaving, showering, driving, walking, exercising, cleaning...all these kinds of activities are great for my creative process because they relieve my mind and body from having to concentrate on what I'm making, doing, or solving and my imagination is available to work as it needs to.

You'll hear more in the video. Keep in mind that I enjoy creating things like forms, assessments, worksheets, workbooks, quizzes, surveys, and things like that. I do charge a lot, but if you value your time, mine isn't that big of a cost compared to the money you're losing trying to figure it out for yourself.

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If you're struggling to get creative, take a break and do something mindless for a bit. Tell me what happens...

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