Packaging Knowledge


Working on course videos for my wife this weekend was a great reminder of what a star I'm sharing life with. She's an exceptional teacher and deserves a much wider path of influence, even though she's already created a very positive name for herself. Visit and see what I'm saying.

I've also been working on a Quiz Quick Start mini-course to highlight Interact Quiz Maker software. I became a big fan of quizzes a couple of years ago and I've written a few for clients. Finally getting around to making some of my own. I was asking some people in the Interact Quiz Collective for some feedback and was marveling at the intelligence in that virtual space. And every one of them is finding a way to share what they know in creative and innovative ways.

There's never been a better time for sharing knowledge of every kind. The sizes and shapes of all the potential packages are already mind-blowing, but we're still finding new ways to share what we know. Has anyone seen video books yet? Check out LIT Video Books

Getting back to quizzes - I'm going to be talking about them quite a bit this week. If you haven't checked this out, go over to Interact and see how easy it is to turn what you know into a useful product tath can lead to more opportunities to serve and share. There's a 14-day free trial that will let you take a ride to decide. I'm an affiliate and here's my link: 

After you enroll, check out the Quiz Collective to see what I'm talking about with regard to their personalized support and burgeoning community! I become a more raving fan every day!

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