The Steep Learning Curve

I've had a couple of clients recently who've asked for help learning how to edit videos for their social media. It's their first time using this kind of software and the processes and language are completely new to them. It all sounds foreign.

It called to mind the time when I decided to add digital recording to my skill set. I bought state-of-the-art equipment and joined a few online bulletin boards about home recording and started one of the most frustrating experiences of my life.

In this Coffee Break, I tell the rest of the story. There is a good reason sometimes to pay people who already have a skill instead of learning it for yourself. I don't usually work that way because I want to know how things work, but I think about how some folks might better spend their time on more profitable activities while someone else handles the production.

I also mention my belief that frustration is a good sign because it usually peaks right before the breakthrough happens. I've seen that pattern repeatedly in my experience and in that of others.

Keep working on it until the result happens. You may not even know why it suddenly worked, but you won't need to know now that it is working.

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