Face-Deep In Courses

It's been an exciting year! At the beginning, I made two commitments. The first is to upload one new idea a day to my YouTube channel, a commitment I've kept. It's been fun to see the numbers grow! The second commitment was to devote more time to production than to consumption. I've stuck with that one, too and one culmination is about to be released.

I've been working on finishing three online courses and all three will be done in the next two weeks. A big part of this accomplishment has been the awareness of production time and consumption time, but I've also streamlined my creative process.

I go into more detail in the video, but I've let go of some of my old ways of doing things in favor of simplification and eliminating redundancy from the steps I take. 

** I use fewer tools

** I work with topics I'm already most familiar with

** I find ways to do large chunks of repetitive steps at the same time so I can get into flow

** I get more done, quickly so I don't get discouraged by my pace

These are just a few ways my process has changed. Stay tuned to see the results, coming soon!

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