Spring Break

Area schools are on Spring Break this week and I, for once, have scheduled three days off in a row. In this Coffee Break, I have a lot to share about how I negotiate with my extrovert family when it comes to how we spend time off. It's not always an easy conversation to have.

I also talk about how personality and preferences come into play in our career and business paths. At some point, I started to get cranky with people who could live with the idea that I'm perfectly happy having a one-person business and that I never want to manage a team or an organization. 

This podcast was started as a way to support and encourage people like me who want to honor their need for solitude in the work they do. I found that there were a number of people who didn't link being made to feel they were "wrong" just because they didn't do things in the same ways everybody else was.

In my family, we've found ways to work with each other in honoring our personalities, strengths, and preferences. Sometimes it means my wife and son travel without me. Sometimes it means that we take different directions in the places we visit and I go meet locals where they are while the other two go see the sites and get pictures.

Today and tomorrow are production days. I have three Coffee Breaks to produce and one long-form podcast. I'm making it easier on myself by being my own guest on the podcast Friday. I'll be sticking to my commitment to release a new video every day, but through the magic of automation, I won't be here on the day they're released.

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