Feeling, Thinking, and Doing

This morning was a low-energy morning as many of my mornings are. I used to be thwarted by these kinds of emotions. Depression and anxiety are a kind of baseline for me. Over the past few years, I've learned some valuable things about the way our psychology and physiology work that have given me some useful tools and techniques to get myself out of the morning lows and into some useful highs.

The first time I read The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle, the part of the book that was most important for my life at the time was the section about the pain body and how to bring attention to the painful places in our being. I've worked with that ever since then and it's my first tool of choice. I believe that our attention is one of our primary superpowers. 

Another helpful resource I found was the understanding of psychology called the Three Principles, articulated by Sydney Banks. In a spiritual awakening experience, he saw the relationship between three constant principles of our psychology: Mind - the energy that is the source of all formless and form, Consciousness - The ability to experience life and be aware of the experience, and Thought - the creative principle that is the root of our psychological and emotional experience. He saw these three aspects, common to every human as the source of our experience of life, and changed our understanding of life from one determined by our external circumstances to one of being spontaneously generated moment by moment by these internal processes.

These understandings have helped me to become free of my own emotional impulses and perceived limitations. Now I see emotions much like the weather. They will change on their own without any help from me. Bringing them more fully into my awareness helps them to have the space to shift and change, and I don't have to wait for good feelings to happen before I act.

I no longer see low energy and the accompanying feelings as a problem, they're just a momentary snapshot of what I'm dwelling on. Don't let your feelings and emotions determine whether or not you take action. Your feelings will shift quite well on their own.

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