Calendar Reminder: Celebrate!

First thing, Happy St. Patrick's Day! Thanks to my friend, Deanna for treating me to corned beef and cabbage at Henry's this afternoon. 

I've talked before about the importance of celebrating as a business and marketing practice. Celebrate accomplishments, landmarks, birthdays, holidays, and anything else you can throw a party for, but I'd encourage you to start putting celebrations of every size on your computer. The reason? Because those are the kinds of things that get forgotten in the shuffle and they can mean the difference between a business succeeding and failing.

Celebrate your clients, customers, partners, employees, family, friends, acquaintances, and people you don't even know. It creates goodwill and fosters deeper feelings of empathy and trust. Find at least one thing a week to applaud, raise a glass to, or recognize. People will remember and it's easy to do.

I'll be my own guest on Your Own Best Company this week, telling my own story of arriving at the place where I'm most happy - being a one-person, thriving business. Thanks for listening!

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