If I Had to Start Over

One of the FAQs in my world is what would I do differently if I were starting over in my business. That is an interesting question to consider because if I started over again today, the circumstances, options, and available tools I have now are very different than when I started my earlier careers and businesses.

Much of what I've learned in the past twelve years has gone through several cycles of evolution. The basic tasks don't change, but the way I do them changes often. And I can't predict even in the next few months what the circumstance of my business will be. All I can really do is work with the tools I have in the present moment to reach and serve the people I can help.

It's still a good thing to plan with the understanding that life will unfold in a way that we all have to adapt. Additionally, not only do our circumstances and tools change, but our interests, desires, and bodies change, too. So those changes will influence how we would start if we were starting over.

Today was a production day for me. I worked on this episode and the Your Own Best Company podcast for tomorrow. YOu'll enjoy getting to know Sophie Zollman as she walks us through building a business support team. I also recorded another interview for an upcoming episode. If you've been thinking about starting a podcast and have a lot of questions, please get in touch. I've helped several people start successful podcasts and I'd be happy to help you.

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