How Many People Know?

The first question to ask when you're not filling up your programs, selling enough products, or enrolling enough clients - How Many People Know? I have a client trying to get ten people signed up for a class. So far there are only three. We can assume those three found the offer attractive enough to enroll, so lets go back to the first question. How many people know?

She emailed her list of 500 people and has gotten around a five percent open rate. So 25 of her email followers have heard about the class. This class is not the same thing she's been offering all along so it's new to her audience. So many of the people who have taken her classes before won't immediately understand the need to look more closely.

She also has a small personal Facebook following and a dreadfully small Business page and Instagram following. She's posted several announcements there, but they haven't received enough engagement to be favored by the algorithm. Our strategy that we came up with was to reach 5000 people total with the class announcement in the next week. If she can't attract ten people for this class out of five thousand, there's a problem with the offer which we'll also try to anticipate and address before she reaches all these people.

How many people know about what you're doing? Your business? Your offers? Your new content? Your role? Your life? This number is a good starting place for understanding why results aren't matching expectations.

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