Attracting Better Opportunities

Reflections while driving home from a band rehearsal I had this afternoon. I've played with Paul Chet's bands for over seven years, one of the longest musical relationships I've been a part of in my long and often interrupted career. I was feeling very lucky to have found this group of guys to play with who are some of the finest musicians I've known.

But I also realized that one of the things that made my finding this opportunity possible was that I was ready for it. I've spent thousands of hours learning, practicing, performing, and honing my own craft of music so that I can show up in a band like this and hold my own. 

In my business, it's been the same. As I practice the craft and as I work on becoming not only a better coach but a better marketer, salesperson, and business owner, the level of opportunities that are coming my way is noticeably higher than has been the case until only recently.

You can always be better at some aspect of what you do. And the better you get, the better your opportunities will be. You wouldn't want to be thrown on stage for a concert if you didn't know the songs. You don't want to do the same in your business either. Stretch your capabilities to be ready for those new doors when they open.

This week, I'm working on finishing an online course on my marketing modality workshop material. I'm excited both about the content of the course and the creative process of building it. Have you been thinking about creating and launching a course of your own? I help people with great course ideas turn them into great courses. Get in touch!

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