Feeling Small in the Face of Big Things

I've had a few conversations lately with creative people who feel like their work is insignificant in a time when such terrifying events are happening in the world. I have joined them in this feeling. It's hard to think about and talk about things like business and marketing as innocent people fight to defend their homeland while it has been arbitrarily attacked.

As these historical events and examples of exceptional courage unfold before us, it's easy to think that our small, creative output has no place, at least for right now, in the greater scheme of things. In this Coffee Break, I have a couple of thoughts to share about it.

This time is another opportunity for humans who care to find greater ways of coming together both in opposition to and as a viable alternative to those who would dominate the world by force. For some of us, there are ways to bring our talents together in service to a much greater cause than our own egoic interests. For others of us, there is a call to bring our creativity forward in ways outside of the norm, as leaders in living life differently than humans ever have before. 

There is a shining example of this in the comedian who is now President, standing on the front lines of a battle with people who are willing to rally with him to defend what is rightfully theirs. And we can remember Winston Churchill's defense of funding art schools in the aftermath of the devastation of World War II in that they needed to remember the things that make a country worth fighting for.

If you need some time to process the big feelings before you get back to work, go for it. There is no shame in that. But your work is a part of what is being protected in the fights for true freedom in this world.

If you would like someone to talk through these times with you, please get in touch.

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