Building Your Business Support Team - Sophie Zollmann

If you're ready to expand and scale your business beyond what you're able to do yourself, the first place most consultants will tell you to start is in hiring help. The learning curve and blind spots to this process, especially the first time, can make finding and hiring help a harrowing experience. There are a lot of ways the process can go sideways and leave you and your business in a precarious place.

Sophie Zollmann helps small business owners cover these bases easily and with one-stop shopping. You don't have to find a specialist for every other area of your business because she already has the team in place to do all the things you need to have done. And that leaves you with the time you need to do your own job well.

Sophie is a certified online business manager, social media manager, and client acquisition specialist. She also brings years of experience as a virtual assistant and business owner to your side. She works with successful healing practitioners, coaches, consultants, and other professional service providers who are ready to reach new levels of success without the trial and error and learning curve that normally goes along with such growth.

She is also the host of the podcast, Building Your Empire with Sophie Zo, and she is live on LinkedIn every Tuesday morning. More information about all of her services and connection points is available at

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