Creative Retirement Careers

Half or more of the people who contact me for career coaching are nearing retirement and are starting to plan for their next phase of work after they retire. In this Coffee Break, I share some of the most common ideas and directions they come up with and some insight into a few of them. 

By far, the most satisfied and successful of my retired clients have been those who found an outlet for their creativity in the work path they chose. Many finally allowed themselves the freedom and chance to take their artistic, crafty, or musical dreams seriously.

Some people have come to me asking about buying food franchises or joining network marketing programs. I have some pretty rigorous questions for people who are interested in either of those areas. They are definitely not for everyone.

If you are nearing retirement but not ready yet to completely stop working, I offer a four-session coaching program to thoroughly identify and evaluate all of your work options so that your retirement years will be spent in ways that are both relaxing and rewarding. If you'd like to know more, please get in touch!

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