Inspiration for Better Communication

A client asked me today how she can become a better communicator in her marketing and she was surprised at my answer. Yes, there is an art and science of marketing communication. There's a reason that great copywriters like my favorite, Laura Belgray get paid a lot of money for their skill, but one of the cornerstones that marketing communication shares with almost every other kind is the ability to tell a compelling story - a story that people can't leave hanging. They have to finish it.

I'll go even further with the idea. I think songwriters and poets have an even greater advantage. They have learned how to tell a story that leaves such an impression on people that they can remember it years later. These creators have a knack for getting people to stay with their tale until it's over and to want to hear or read it again. Some popular songs only have 8-12 lines in them, but with those few words, a memorable experience is created.

If you want people to remember your products, services, or business, you have to be able to create memorable experiences and associations just as effectively. Listen closer to your favorite songwriters, poets, and authors. How to they keep you listening and reading until the end? Is there something you can learn from them? I say yes.

Today I worked with a client who has just finished a huge project and it's available to the world, but no one has heard about it yet. It's easy when you're working on a masterpiece to forget that other people have no idea what you've been up to. You owe it to them to fill them in. They may be ready to buy it. Want help figuring out a launch strategy for your big creative projects? Let's talk...