Having Faith In Your Idea

Have you ever had an idea that seemed so amazing and brilliant that you just had to share it with someone, but they didn't get it? 

I was listening to The Entrepreneur's Ecosystem podcast this morning and they interviewed the creators of Interact quiz software (you should try it! I'm an affiliate https://interact.grsm.io/jboh69i54xwj). 

In the interview, they talked about their first years in business and the experience of having people not immediately see the value of the software as they sought investors and early adopters and other partners. It wasn't even an idea that the founders were particularly emotionally connected to, but they invested years of development and investment because they believed it could be an industry-changing tool.

I was struck in the story by how much faith they had in the idea that it would carry them all the way through to a successful outcome. They had to believe in that validity and value of it for years while other people had to catch up with their vision. They talked about the turning point being when they made a few improvements to a couple of articles and sales pages and people finally started getting on board. The product rapidly gained momentum as people experienced all the possible ways the quiz tool could be used in their marketing.

You may not immediately get positive feedback when you bring something you've created to other people. They may not understand it, they may not see the value, and they may not want it. Maybe it's just a case of bad timing. But if it's the great idea you think it is, your faith in it will need to carry it through.

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Here's the link for the podcast I was talking about: https://shows.acast.com/the-entrepreneurs-ecosystem/episodes/living-the-quiz-life-with-josh-haynam-and-matt-clark