Skill Problem or Will Problem?

I've met many people who want to make all or part of their living doing creative work but they're intimidated by the business part of it. I get it, business can seem like a very big deal with a lot of moving parts and a steep learning curve. But people aren't born good at business. Business is a skillset and skills are learned.

Yes, you can have an aptitude for something. I've met people who were really great at sales early in their lives, but they still had to learn the skills associated with selling. I have an aptitude for music, but I wasn't born able to play the guitar masterfully. It took love and commitment to learning the thing before I could do it competently. Business is the same.

What I usually ask people who come to me with this situation is if they are dealing with a skill problem or a will problem. Is it that they can't learn or they don't want to invest the time? We've all heard crap singers who were successful in the music business because they learned how to promote themselves. Business skills are learnable.

The shortest cut I've found to learning is to find good mentors and coaches. Even people who are only a step ahead of where you want to be can help you learn what you need to learn. If there is something you want to do, there are already other people who are doing it and you can learn from them.

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