The Myth of the Ideal Client

Would it be easier to find Bigfoot or the Loch Ness Monster than to find your ideal client, customer, or audience? The trouble with ideals is that they are difficult, if not impossible to reach. In this Coffee Break, I'd like you to think differently about the people you want to make a difference for.

If you're struggling to identify an ideal client, you may just not have the experience yet to recognize them. There are some other ways to start.

You could always start by identifying situations where you are the best person to call. Your unique qualifications to do what you do can tell you a lot about who needs you.

What about serving people who are going through the same things you went through within the past year? Is it possible they could use what you do?

Maybe you could look for communities first instead of trying to imagine a perfect person. The communities you belong to are often a great place to start.

When in doubt, go for the obvious. Do you know anyone personally who needs what you want to sell? Call them.

You'll be learning about your customers, clients, and audience for as long as you're doing what you do. You don't have to know everything about them to get started.

If you would like information about the exercise I mentioned, please get in touch. 

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