Talking to Strangers

If you're still hung up on identifying your ideal client, why don't you put that idea aside for a minute and try something different - talking to strangers. Your parents may have told you to avoid this activity when you were young, but by now you should be able to find at least one person you don't know who is willing to talk with you for a few minutes.

The point is that you could be spending all this time identifying your customer avatar while real customers are crawling under your nose waiting to be found. They are literally everywhere. Even if what you're selling is a rare solution to those who have a pinky toenail fungus problem. You won't know until they tell you. They won't tell you unless you offer a space for them to tell you, whether that's by clicking a button on your website or overhearing you telling someone else about toenail fungus while they drink coffee.

I think it's important to learn how to tell people the story of what we do in ways that almost anyone can understand. Even if we have to just point our fingers at things and smile, there are ways to show and tell people what they need to know about what we do. They may or may not be a client, but they will remember you and if they know someone who could be a client, they could be the missing link.

Just like anything else you've mastered, you'll have to learn and practice how to do this. I help people learn how to communicate about their work every day. Please let me help you.

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