Inexpensive Content Marketing Options

Today I helped a couple of people build content marketing channels to support their businesses. One started a blog, the other started a combination of YouTube and podcast channels. The person who was starting the blog mentioned that she had done some Google searches about starting a blog and had been getting spammy email and social media ads that were trying to sell her a $2000 online course for starting her blog, and another $2000 for building her audience. She looked at their sales pages and was overwhelmed by everything they were proposing she needed to do.

She was relieved to find out that starting her blog was a relatively easy and inexpensive process and that much of what the course included would be stuff she'll never use. It made me want to share some options for getting started with content marketing that don't break the bank but can be grown to whatever size and shape you want.

I learned about content marketing initially by blogging. Writing about things that were interesting to me and selling things on commission that were related to my articles. I also used Google AdWords and would get a little cash each month from people clicking on ads on my blogs. It was easy and enjoyable.

I started podcasting as a supplementary channel to one of my blogs offering reviews of home recording equipment and software. Podcasting quickly became my favorite medium. I love to gab and I can easily talk about things I'm excited about. Again, I made money through affiliate sales and ads.

I was late to the video game but most recently have been combining video, podcasting, and blogging to sell my programs and services and to occasionally sell affiliate offers. My belief that content marketing is still an exceptional way to promote your business has only gotten stronger.

Listen to the Coffee Break to hear some inexpensive ideas for getting started that you can start using now. Choose your favorite way to communicate and start there. It's not going to be great right away, but you will gain more competence and confidence as you go.

If you want help getting started, let's talk...

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