Leaving Old Ways Behind

Do we really need Daylight Savings Time anymore? After a night of spotty sleep, I woke up disoriented and thinking I was late for a guitar lesson I was teaching this morning. It all worked out, but I got to thinking while I walked the dog.

I've let go of some old habits in recent years that used to serve me pretty well but don't now. It just became apparent that I didn't need to do things that way anymore. So I stopped doing those things and started doing some things differently.

Part of the need for change has been physical. I just can't do the same things at the same pace that I did for all those years. Staying up late now pays off in being less productive during daylight hours and contributes to mood swings and irritability. But some of the changes have been made because they just make sense.

I know many people personally who have been going through a re-evaluation of their lives and habits and are letting things go that they no longer need. Is that you, too?

Tomorrow, I'll be starting a new week with the goal of finishing something I have been working on for a few months. An online self-study workshop for people who are about ready to throw in the towel on their careers and businesses because the business demands are eating away at the positive aspects of their creative paths. I'm excited to offer that soon. Stay tuned!

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