Clients Everywhere!

I have an artist friend who had a realization in one of my workshops that many people she had known for years had no idea she was an artist. For reasons unknown, she never revealed her creative work to people, even those in some of her closest circles. And her chief concern about being an artist was that people weren't buying her art. People won't buy what they don't know about.

Another friend has been working with a lot of anxiety and persistence on clarifying the niche for his business and in doing so, his business has come to a standstill. He's so concerned about getting his niche right that he's become isolated and is not reaching anyone.

I'm not here to diss ideal client avatar niching exercises. They can be truly helpful, but I am concerned if your stuckness on the exercise is keeping you from meeting people and having conversations that could lead to business opportunities.

I'll be offering a new version of an old workshop on Monday afternoon called Clients Everywhere. In two hours, you'll discover the real obstacles between you and the audience, customers, and clients you want, and we'll come back to some things we all learned years ago that will help us become more successful now.

If you would like to reserve one of the few remaining spots, just get in touch.

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