Independence Days

Today I'm thinking about all the personal Independence Days I can celebrate - the days when I declared my freedom and autonomy and vowed to call my own shots. The day I left my last full-time job and a few part-time jobs, too. The day a relationship ended and I was given a sense of relief and freedom that had been missing for a while. The day I finally stopped grieving the loss of a person or relationship that I thought I couldn't live without and started out on my own again.

Those of us in self-employed, artistic, entrepreneurial paths tend to be people who don't easily fit into traditional employment structures. We need the challenge, the stimulation, and the autonomy that comes only from this declaration of personal independence.

Listen to the Coffee Break for a little more of my own story of freedom and learning how to make it work for me. When you're ready for this same kind of personal declaration, let's have a chat. Find me at the contact form below.

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