Inspiration Everywhere

Where do you get ideas? Is it difficult to find subjects for your creativity?

Today's Coffee Break answers a client's question about where I get ideas to talk about in these videos.

My ideas come from whatever I'm thinking about. Sometimes they're interesting, other times not so much. Putting my thoughts in a video gives me a process of making my internal world more external.

Similar to Seth Godin's daily blogs, my ideas come from my thought in that moment and I just make a record of them. If you're looking for something to create from, start there.

I think more often than not, we judge our ideas as unworthy before we ever give voice to them. That is a mistake. I never know if I like the idea until it's been made into something. And sometimes I really like them. Many times...meh.

Creativity is messy and predictably unpredictable. We never stop thinking. There's always a fish to catch in that pond; some are worth keeping.

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