Industry Standard Doesn't Mean Best Option

Many years ago, a good friend of mine spent over five thousand dollars on a digital recording system featuring ProTools's latest and greatest technology. My friend had never had any experience with digital recording, although he'd had decades of experience with analog. His sole reason for purchasing the system he did was that the salesman told him it was the industry standard, which was a true statement.

He set out to learn how to use his new system and ran into obstacle after obstacle. Months after purchasing it, he had yet to have recorded even a few seconds of audio. He was beyond frustrated. Yes, this system was industry standard, but it was intended to be used by professional level technicians, not novices. He never was able to make the system work.

We need to treat claims of industry standard with an eye of caution and suspicion as DIY entrepreneurs. Just because professionals within an industry can make something work doesn't mean it's your best option as a new user with more to do on your plate than learn how the software works.

Here are a few platforms I encourage beginners to avoid:

** Adobe Creative Suite, except possibly Acrobat Pro

** Avid - Final Cut Video and ProTools Audio

** WordPress - yes, I'm saying it. There are easier and better options.

** Corel Graphics Suite - Long my favorite, cast aside for Canva

I've already mentioned Canva as my go-to for graphic design and social media management.

Add TechSmith Camtasia for video recording and editing with Snagit for excellent screen capture, but make sure your computer has the specs to handle it.

For your website, if you don't want to have to hire someone to set it up for you, I have been happy with both Wix and, surprise - Blogger. If you don't need the bells and whistles, go with the simplest setup and design.

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