Dead Ends and 180° Turns

Some encouragement for a friend who moved her whole life to a new country only to find it wasn't a good fit for right now. Coming back to a familiar place for a while isn't a bad idea. 

Regroup, take stock of what you've learned and discern what's next. You may not know why this happened, in fact, you may never fully understand, but there is another way coming that you're ready for.

We can only make decisions with the best information we have at the time, and we can never know ahead of time exactly how things are going to turn out. Sometimes the journey has dead ends and 180° turns. You're doing fine.

Thanks to my friend, Kc Rossi, for the wonderful conversation this morning! I can't wait to share that podcast episode with my people!

Today I learned how to make a screen recording on my phone. That was fun!

#alwayslearning #cominghome #thisisnotfailing