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Early in her mortgage business career, a co-worker suggested that Roberta Ravella was well suited for sales. Over the next twenty years, Roberta discovered ways of marketing and selling that were aligned with her own personality, skills, and values instead of the traditional methods that were being taught.

In 2019, Roberta stepped into the role of coach and trainer, showing realtors how to discover their own distinct ways of marketing and selling that leverage their strengths and honor their values. For many, this offers a welcome alternative to techniques like cold calling and buying leads.

She is also a co-host of the podcast, Grown Women Growing Wealth, interviewing compelling and knowledgeable guests who show women ways to become financially aware and independent. Learn more about the podcast here: https://www.grownwomengrowingwealth.com/

Roberta will be offering a referral generation workshop on July 14th to help realtors build their referral networks through strategic digital marketing. To learn more and enroll, please visit: https://90dayrealtormarketing.com/

Finally, if you are interested in learning more about Roberta's coaching services or her services as a speaker, presenter, and trainer, please visit https://robertaravella.com.

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