Could It Really Be That Simple?

Thinking about Agatha Christie and how complex her plots became as she went further in her career. How did she keep track of all the twists and turns and false flags?

Coming back to the idea that if we're feeling stuck in our careers or businesses, we may be making it far more complicated than it needs to be, and maybe the solution we're looking for is so obvious we've overlooked it.

Maybe that ideal client avatar worksheet you've been toiling away at for months is actually distracting you from the people who have been in your sphere all along and who need what you offer. Maybe starting with the simplest possible description could get you on the right track.

I can't count the times I've gotten myself backed into a corner with a problem, trying to understand every nuance and detail, only to find I've had the answer all along but didn't think it could really be that simple. 

When you're stuck, try starting with the most straightforward idea first and see if that is enough to get you moving again. We don't get brownie points from life if we make our solutions more complicated than they have to be.

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