Sorting Out Work Options

The frequency of calls from people concerned about jobs and economic changes is increasing, so I'll talk a bit in this Coffee Break about what I'm seeing. 

We are hearing seemingly mixed messages about jobs and worker shortages. Some companies are starting early rounds of layoffs as they anticipate an economic slowdown, so there are more corporate and professional workers re-entering the job market. At the same time, service industries like food and beverage, construction, and hospitality scramble to rehire or replace workers who were let go during the pandemic. The air travel industry is included in this last mix, reporting service disruptions as the demand for flights exceeds their personnel capacity.

Several people have asked if this is a good time to start a new business. Like any other time, you need to answer some basic questions. Do you have something valuable to offer, and do people need it and have the ability to pay? I'm seeing an upswing for people in freelance creative businesses as some corporate layoffs have created at least temporary opportunities for them. People offering viable business opportunities to others are doing well, too.

Other creative industries are reporting mixed results right now. Live music has been stronger for regional and national touring acts this summer, but local music is still slow to pick up as smaller venues haven't recovered to the point where live music can be sustained. 

So, is this a good time to switch jobs, start a new career path, or start a new business? Please get in touch if you'd like to work through some strategic analysis of the possibilities you're considering. I'll help you sift through the numbers you need to consider and see your best options. Visit my blog: to get in touch.

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