The Way Is Yours To Make

Continuing the theme from yesterday about hearing different things from different teachers, this morning I was struck by the number of people I know who actually followed their young dreams through to actualize them. It isn't a large number.

Most of the people I know, like me, have figured out ways to bloom where they've been planted, learning as they go. You'll hear so many things you should do to follow other people's recipes for success, but ultimately, every decision for your path rests on your shoulders, even the decision to go along with anyone else's plan.

Most of us have not ended up where we expected, so there will naturally be a learning curve. Teachers, mentors, and coaches can be extremely helpful, but we need to be aware that their prescriptions may not be suited to our circumstances. That doesn't mean they are wrong, it means that they weren't working with the necessary information to be accurate.

Making our own way can be messy. As we figure the things out that we need to make our best decisions, there will be error. The best any of us can do is to narrow that margin of error until success emerges. The way is yours to make.

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