Nourishing Silence

Today my being came to an almost full stop. Despite the list of things I wanted to accomplish and the regular things I would do on a Sunday, today was a day made for silence. Not just quiet - silence.

There is a depth of silence that isn't always easy to reach, but it's always here, and it is the silence that restores, replenishes, and nourishes. It doesn't manifest as more energy but rather as deep peace and calm.

I've had recent conversations with a couple of people who need a full reset, but it's nearly impossible for them to stop long enough for it to happen. It's almost as if they are frightened they'll be unable to return to their normal hustle and bustle if they allow themselves even a few hours of this nourishment.

Some of the most well-known spiritual masters invite people to stop. Today I understand why.

#silence #mindset #reset