Your Built-In Personal Energy Manager

Willpower has always been an interesting phenomenon for me. Mainly because mine seems low. Most of the time.

Some close to me know I can be very stubborn but when it comes to setting goals that motivate me and that have any real drive attached to them, I don't have much.

While I can't say that willpower is something I have a lot of, I do have a deep appreciation for my will, and I see it as a different thing from willpower. My true will is a self-care feature of this being I inhabit. Willpower to me is most often a requirement to override my true will.

The will I'm talking about serves as a monitor and manager of energy. It stays aware of the level of energy in my reservoir and it then directs the flow of that energy where I need it to go. It's a remarkable feature of being human.

I have more to say about it in the Coffee Break.

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