Staying Human and Staying In Business - Audrey Holst

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Some of the most challenging times for self-employed people are those when we both need to attend to personal crises and change while continuing to do what our businesses require. In this episode of Your Own Best Company, Audrey Holst returns and offers some keen insights into her own process and experience that will help us all navigate times like these.

Audrey has been my guest a couple of times before, and I love the quality of our conversations. She's candid and articulate, and she openly shares the real stories that offer deep empathy and hopeful suggestions. You can find her work at

Some highlights:

**Getting through times of grief and high emotion.

**My insight about the distinction between gifts and talents.

**Seeing our human limitations in a positive light and challenging the myth of limitlessness.

**Understanding will, resistance, and commitment as almost magical human tools.

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