Podcasting Possibilities for Authors with Jess Kotzer

Hi All!

For the Coffee Break today, I'm featuring this live stream I did with my friend, Jess Kotzer from SelfPubHub. We had a fun chat about some creative possibilities for authors in podcasting. You should be following her channel! https://www.youtube.com/user/youngyessington

I'll be back with another Coffee Break tomorrow. See you then!

Jess writes:

We've only just begun to learn how podcasting can be used to build and nurture communities. We need to think beyond our traditional purposes of just selling books and products to see new and creative ways we can create experiences that are memorable and valuable, and that still make the sales. 

My friend and now go-to marketing advisor Franklin Taggart is the coach people turn to when they're ready for big creative ideas in their careers, business, and marketing. Tune in, if only to hear his sultry voice.

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