Talking About Invisible Transformations

The beginning of this video is a story from Michael Neill about being offered a TV series to showcase his coaching. After a few coaching sessions had been recorded, the idea was canceled because the camera wasn't able to see what was happening beyond a somewhat normal conversation. The transformation wasn't visible.

In this Coffee Break I share a few thoughts about why it's difficult to articulate the value of what we do because much of the experience is in the invisible, subjective world of feelings, desires, and thought. The best we can do is describe maybe only a few sides of a multi-faceted jewel.

Add to that the evolution of what we do and offer, and the different audiences and contexts we deliver to, and it's any wonder we can talk about it at all.

I have a couple of resources if you're struggling to articulate your work into a message that people will understand and act upon. First, there's the Top-Floor Elevator Pitch Bundle, which includes two courses and a targeted coaching session. Find out about that here:

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Let's get your message clear and out into the world where it can make the difference you want it to.

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