Tests and Experts Are Allowed to Be Wrong About You

Thanks to Brandon Soltwisch and the Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship classes at the University of Northern Colorado for the invitation to speak today. I enjoyed our discussion of target markets and customer avatars, and I hope you found it both fun and helpful.

Every time I've presented for college classes I remember the visit to my high school guidance counselor when I was told I wasn't college material and that I should change my focus to the vocational track and learn how to work with my hands.

And the career tests I took didn't really know what to do with me so they suggested things like bus driver, police dispatcher, and telephone technician. I knew immediately they didn't have my number.

And I've never known exactly the future path I've wanted to take. I've followed my curiosity from one opportunity to another and I've collected a long, strange set of capabilities that has been as weird as the trip I've been on.

I just want you to know that those tests and experts are entitled to have wrong opinions, no matter how much data supports their position. They can be wrong about you.

Don't let tests and experts decide for you the path that you want to take, or that you're suited for. You can learn anything you need to learn to have any experience you want to have. Yours is the only permission you need.

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